All’s Quiet on Every Front

It was pretty quiet last week. There’s not a lot going on here at the moment. Summer is winding down, and autumn begins later this month. I will be heading outside to start doing some garden prep for the coming winter, but even that isn’t going to be too intensive this year. Since most of the perennials were just put in this spring and summer, I am not going to do any severe pruning or cutting back this year. I will let them get good and established over the next season. I think some would deal with it okay given how well they are growing, but it doesn’t hurt to let them go this year.

This week is a bread baking week. I am going to try a sourdough recipe this week. Nothing fancy, and it will make a nice sandwich loaf that should also be lovely for toast. Last week, I made cookies. Cranberry Ginger Sugar cookies, to be exact. They were- okay. The cookie itself was good. It was a basic sugar cookie dough, and tasted fine. The problem was the ginger. The recipe called for candied ginger and the amount given in the recipe was not nearly enough. You really couldn’t taste it in the baked cookies. If I make this one again, I will definitely be upping the amount of ginger in it.

We seem to have gotten over the COVID finally. I do feel pretty much back to normal and am not as fatigued as I had been for a bit there. That is a good thing!

Oh, we bit the bullet this week, spent the big bucks, and ordered a Sleep Number bed. We have had a memory foam mattress for a few years, but we haven’t been 100% happy with it. Part of the problem is that we sleep so differently, partly by necessity and partly just how it is. The BaldMan needs his feet elevated because of the swelling issues he has. When we tried out the beds in the store, I did like the elevation also, but I am not convinced I will want it all the time, at least not fully raised. And we do have different preferences on firmness in a mattress. So, the adjustable capability of the Sleep Number made sense. We did end up with a California King for two reasons. One, the king is the only size you can get the full split in, and two, a regular king would be pushing things as far as room in the bedroom. The Cali king is four inches longer, which is not an issue, but it is narrower and in our bedroom, that’s a good thing. We have a queen now and the extra width of the regular king would have been pushing things for the BaldMan’s CPAP stand on his side, and my nightstand. And I have always loved having a king in a hotel when we travel. I am a horribly restless sleeper and the extra space means I don’t disturb him as much. He is not as fond of that bigger space, but I think it will be good in the long run. We do have to wait until the end of the month for delivery, but that’s just how it is. Looking forward to getting it and seeing how it works for us.

And off we go into a new week, and a new month. We have a trip in the middle of the month, but otherwise, it’s business as usual here. Make your week a good one- I am going to try to do the same!

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