Well, We Said We Wanted Rain….

We are heading into another week of multiple days of rain. We had a drought for weeks and weeks, and now, we are having our monsoon period. Okay, maybe not quite monsoons, but it’s been raining almost daily for over a week. The lawns, flowers, and other plants love it, and we truly did need it, but this feast or famine thing does get old.

Hey- football season is back!! American football, that is, for those not in the US. It’s week one, so everyone is ready to win. Well, except for the LA Rams who lost rather decisively to the Buffalo Bills on Thursday. Those Bills are going to be one of the teams to watch, if they continue to play like they did in that game. Oh, and the kicker (I like kickers- always have) to watch this season is the Baltimore Ravens Justin Tucker. That fella’s got a leg on him! First game for the teams that matter yesterday, so I will say:

Go, Pack, Go and Raaaaaiiiiiiddddddeeeerrrrrrrssss!

This week will be prepping for our trip to Myrtle Beach next week, and cleaning up the spare room so we can move our current bed in there the day after we get back when the new one arrives. Can’t wait for both of those things!

I know not everyone is a fan, but I was saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth last week. I’ve always been a bit of an Anglophile, and I do so love tradition, ritual, and pageantry. She bore her duties well, and seemed to be a decent human being for the most part, with a sense of humor and, of course, her love for her dogs and horses. Yes, the British Empire has not always been exemplar in dealings with their colonies, and they have had their share of scandal and controversy, but, hey, our own country has not been a shining example of decency throughout its history either, so maybe we shouldn’t sit in judgement, y’know. The Queen is dead. Long live the King!

Aside from that, the transfer of the kingship to Charles has sparked some amusing memes. One of my favorites goes something like this: I’m sorry, but I will never be able to say King Charles without adding Spaniel to the end. LOL

That’s about all from here. If you are in this area of the country, try to stay dry. Wherever you are, try to make it a good week!

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