And Away We Go

On Tuesday, that is. That’s when we leave for Myrtle Beach, SC. It will be a sort of working vacation, because we are going to the Worlds Championship Chili Cook Off on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And since this will be the first year they are officially using the BaldMan’s scorekeeping program, we will be helping out in the scorekeeping area to get things up and running. It’s a very easy, very intuitive, and very familiar looking process with the app, so even the most unsure of the scorekeepers there should pick it up quickly, but we will be there to help.

We are leaving early Tuesday and driving to Richmond, VA for the night, then on to Myrtle Beach on Wednesday. Then we leave on the 26th and will drive to Emmitsburg, MD on the way home, and get back here on Tuesday, the 27th. It’s the longest trip we’ve taken in a few years. COVID was part of that, of course, but we had planned on going to Worlds last year, but moving here just ended up eating up most of his vacation time, so we had to skip it.

My concerns, of course, are with the dog and cats. We haven’t left Lambeau for this long and I will worry. The boarding place is very good and I know he will be fine, but still…. And then there are the two late stage kidney disease cats here at home. Our middle daughter will be checking on them, and making sure they have food and water, but I will worry about those two. At least, they both seem to be eating the kidney diet without too much issue, so that is a good thing.

Then, the day after we get back, our new Sleep Number bed arrives! Definitely looking forward to that! We hope it will help both of us get better sleep.

I don’t know if there will be an update post next Monday. That will depend on how things go on the first leg of the trip home. If I don’t talk to you then, have a good couple weeks, try to get some down time in, enjoy the coming fall weather (if you are in a part of the world where autumn is nigh), and we’ll talk soon!

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