Trains and Leaves

On Saturday, the 15th, we did a fun thing. We drove to Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA, got on a train and took a foliage trip from Scranton to Delaware Water Gap, PA. It’s the gorge that the Delaware River runs through and it serves as the border between NJ and PA. We stayed on the train while it did the engine switchout. The train ran past the Water Gap station, and they unhooked the engines (yes, it took two to pull the four passenger cars up the grades through the Poconos) and switched them to the other end of the train for the trip back. Then it went back to the Water Gap station where we had time to walk into town and get some lunch before boarding again for the trip back.

It was fun. In some spots the leaves weren’t quite at their best peak colors, but on the mountains they were pretty. We rode past a few of the reservoirs that provide water to the surrounding areas, and learned a good bit about the railroad, Steamtown and what they are planning, and the Delaware Water Gap itself. We had been to Steamtown many years ago- I think likely before the Park Service got involved- when it was much smaller. It’s expanded a lot, and there is a trolley museum there, too. It was a nice, relaxing day, and I am glad we decided to go.

Some pictures from the trip:

And this was the engine switchout:

It was a good day, and a good start to a fall weekend. Did you do anything fun recently? How are the leaves in your area (if you are where they are currently changing color)?

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