Monday Musings: Easter Dinner (Early Bird Style), The End of the Syrup Season, Spring?, and A New Bread Book

We had our family Easter dinner on Friday this year. It was the only day everyone could get together. We were at Krysta and Kleber’s, and Steph, Jill, John, and Carter were all there. It was nice to have everyone in one place. It’s been harder and harder to find times for these holiday get-togethers now, what with different work schedules and kids in school and all that goes along with life in general.

The BaldMan made a roast leg of lamb with lemon, garlic and rosemary. It was excellent. And Kryss and Jill provided the sides which were mashed cauliflower, asparagus, salad, and rolls. I made a carrot cake for dessert. I guess the cake came out pretty good, because even the BaldMan went back for seconds, and he is not a huge dessert fan at all. The whole thing disappeared in short order!

Sunday was quiet. Steph came over for dinner. The BaldMan made lasagna. It was a good day.

This weekend was the end of the syrup season for this year. The trees are slowing down and the sap that is dripping is cloudy and bitter tasting. Time to take the taps out for another year. But we did well, even though it seemed, with the weird weather, that it might not be as good this year. He boiled about 5 gallons earlier in the week, and nine over the weekend. We gave a pint to each of the girls, and will have at least half a gallon for ourselves. That should hold us for most of the year. The sugar content seemed up this year, because we got better than average yield most of the time. And all this from just two trees!

The snow is melting. Let me say that again: The snow is melting. There was a bit of time in the last couple of months when I thought that might not happen. I can see the entire garden. The front is almost clear. The back is not, but it really doesn’t get a lot of sun. And we have had some days that have been- well, maybe not warm, but at least pleasant. Spring may get here yet.

I got a neat (early) birthday present from Kryss and her family. It’s a book, Bread Science: The Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread. It looks really interesting, and looks like it might be helpful in working out some recipes of my own.

And that’s most of the news from here this week. Is it starting to look like Spring where you are?


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