Monday Musings: Holiday Greetings!

Christmas is this weekend. Seems to have come up really fast, at least to me. Of course, that means another year will be passing into history. Can’t say I am sorry to see 2016 go. With all the wonderful souls we have lost, both personal and celebrity, friends who have had tough times, and a few other things, it was not the best of years. But we all know that the wheel turns, and what was does not mean it must continue. Let’s all pull together to send out some real holiday spirit and joy, and use that to bring in a new year that will be better.

I am probably going to take a week or so off from writing and blogging for the holidays. Oh, there may be a random post or thought. I will probably continue my picture quotes of the day on social media (but don’t hold me to everyday!), and a few other things. But there will be no reviews until the new year, since I am taking a hiatus from reading intensively right now. I hit my goal of 25 books in 2016, so I’m going to regroup and prioritize the books I have lined up to begin the year. Wednesday links will probably be either short or absent. I am going to take this time to enjoy the world, family, friends, pets, and to recharge and reenergize my spirit. I hope you all get the chance to do the same, at least for a short while.

So, Happiest of Holidays, whatever you celebrate. And if you don’t, then I wish you peace and goodness in the new year.

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