Monday Musings: Am I the Only One with Demented Birds?

I have bird feeders. I know that’s not unusual. Lots of people have bird feeders. But I have some strange birds that come to mine. Not strange as in weird species. These are fairly common species that act weird. For instance:

I was out on the deck, filling the feeders. I took down the hummingbird feeder so I could rinse and refill it. Set it aside on the deck while I filled the meal worms and put out fresh oranges for the Orioles. All the while, I am getting strafed by a hummingbird who was apparently upset by my removing the feeder. Geez. Give me a minute, okay?

Then there’s the hummingbird who arrives just about sunset. You know, when normal birds are off looking for roosting spots for the night? Yeah, not this one. She hits the feeder, perches on one of the feeder arms for while, hits the feeder again. Wash, rinse, repeat. For a long time. Like close to half an hour or so. It’s dark when she finally flies off.

And the Orioles. Yes, them too. Last year, I had the male standing on the deck, looking in the slider door. See header for a picture of that. This year, the female whacks into the door, over and over. She hits with her feet like she’d trying to land on the glass. She was clinging to the frame of the door, tapping the glass and chirping away. See the proof:

See? Weird birds. Maybe they are all drinking the swamp water down the hill, and it’s got some weird schict in it.

Anyway, that’s Spring around here. Nature, huh?


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