Monday Musings: I Have Holes in My Head

Well, my ears, actually. I had my ears pierced many years ago, but after a while, I stopped wearing earrings. I left the ears without earrings for years, and eventually, the holes closed up to the point I couldn’t get earrings in at all. I left them go for a long while, but finally, I looked at all the pretty earrings I have (some really good ones that were not cheap), and decided I should get the ears repierced. I looked at some of the piercing places and holy cow! Prices have gone up. So I did some research and found that you can buy disposable, sterile piercing guns for about half the price of the cheapest store. I ordered a set. They came on Sunday.

After reading a bit about doing your own piercing, I decided to ask the BaldMan to help. A fair number of people who have done this said it can be awkward to get the gun lined up where you want it and straight when you are working in the mirror on yourself. It’s easier for someone else to do it. And I needed the holes marked kind of specifically. When I first had my ears pierced, I made the mistake of wearing long, dangly earrings with thin wires when our oldest was a baby. Of course, she grabbed one of the earrings and gave it a good pull. And- you guessed it- tore right through my ear. So I have a slit in my right ear. I had a new hole put in that one, but not in the left so my earrings were never really even. So I wanted the new holes moved a bit farther back on the lobe so they could be even again.

Y’know what? It was pretty easy. And really didn’t hurt, but I expected that. I mean, I have had this done before, so I know it’s just a quick pinch and done. I also know how to take care of them for the next 4-6 weeks. Daily cleaning and turning. No shampoo or soap for 48 hours. The alcohol stings a bit when I clean them, but we did punch holes through the lobe, so that’s expected. I still get a bit of a “Whuh?” reaction when my hand brushes one of the studs because I am not used to having them there.

Now, all I have to do is clean and sterilize all my earrings so they will be ready when these heal up.

That was my weekend. Did you do anything exciting?


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