Monday Musings: Bits and Pieces

Nothing really exciting going on, to be honest. We had a cook off to run the judging for on Saturday in Loudon, NH. It’s a bit of a drive but a good event. A bit of a rain shower in the afternoon, but it blew over really fast and didn’t really dampen the crowd too much. It helped that there was a huge tent for people to shelter under until the rain stopped.

This is another cook off that Lambeau gets to come along for. It’s the last one of the season for him, though. He was pretty good, if a little more whiny and needy than last week. But he made more friends and he always loves that.

We went to dinner at Longhorn after we got home. The organizers gave us a gift card as a thank you, so we decided to use it. We waffled a bit on whether we wanted to go out at first. We were tired and it felt good to just sit down and relax at home. But we finally decided to go, and were glad we did. There’s something really good about just sitting down and not having to worry about cooking or cleaning up when you are tired from a long day. So, thanks, Dave and Stacy! We appreciated it.

The weather has been nice for the last few days, even with that bit of rain. Not blistering hot, and the humidity has been bearable. Finally, some summer weather we can enjoy. And all the sun has been good for the garden, also. Tomatoes are ripening, and we’ve eaten a few. I’m picking, blanching, and freezing beans. We have peppers, both sweet and jalapeños, eggplant, and zucchini out there. The cucumber plant has been slow growing but it has flowers so I hope we get some cukes before the end of the growing season. I have chard that is doing so well, also. I’m surprised, since chard often doesn’t appreciate hot weather, but happy it’s growing still. I have more broccoli and Brussels sprouts to plant soon, along with lettuce for cool season growing. And the hops plants are doing quite well. We should get some usable hops from them. Not a whole lot since this is the first year the vines are out there, but there are definitely hop cones on them. The BaldMan will be able to brew some beer that has at least part of its hops from our vine.

And that is about all the news here. Pretty normal stuff. Life goes on, as they say, and we go with it. 


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