So, We Did a Thing

We bought a house. In Vestal, NY, which is in the southern part of the state, near Binghamton. We have been talking about the idea of moving for a bit, and the opportunity to actually do it came up this Spring, so we decided to go ahead with it. The move will put us closer to both our families. The BaldMan’s parents are in Endicott, NY and are at the point where they need more help. His sister, who lives near Syracuse has been doing the brunt of it, and we will be able to give her a break. My family is (mostly) in northeast PA, so we will be closer to them, as well.

We had been researching and looking at house listings online for a few weeks, and last weekend, we went to stay with and help out his parents, as well as look at a few places in person. We were originally interested in one in Binghamton. It had a lovely yard with a huge patio and a nice sunroom. Unfortunately, the bedrooms weren’t going to work. Our furniture wouldn’t have fit in either of the larger ones. When we looked at the one in Vestal, we both really liked it. Someone else was also interested, but our realtor kept us in the loop as far as what was going on. We did have to sweeten our original offer, but we still came in a bit under our budgeted maximum.

The house itself is nice. Good kitchen (important for the BaldMan!), room for two offices (important for both our sanities!), a spare bedroom, and a nice-sized, fenced-in yard (which Lambeau will love!). No firm idea on when we will actually move as yet. Need to get the closing scheduled and done first, of course. I have already started sorting stuff here, and packing a couple boxes. Moving is such a chore! But we do have some time to get things going. We are, as of now, looking at end of July for the final move.

One thing the move does mean is that we will be giving up our chili activities for the most part. We will still function as Chief Judge and Scorekeeper at the Maine cook off and treat it as an annual vacation. But the rest of the cook offs will be in the hands of a new team. Well, that is, if there are any “rest of”. We already know that three have been cancelled this season, so things are not looking great. We also will not be going to Worlds this year, which is also disappointing, but the vacation time just isn’t there given our upcoming move.

So, one door opens; another closes. We move on to a new chapter, leaving some things and heading into others. It will be a change and a challenge, but the time is right and we are excited about it. Might want to check back in with me on that “excitement” when I am elbows deep in moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape!


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