Five Days and Counting…

Until we go off on an honest-to-goodness vacation! We are renting, with the BaldMan’s sister and her husband, and his parents, a house in Vermont for a week. After more than a year of not going anywhere unnecessary, this almost feels like some sort of escape or something. We don’t have any specific plans for the week. Just playing it by ear, and looking to enjoy some down time.

Of course, once we get back we will be jumping into moving prep full blast. We’ve done some bits here and there, but not a lot. I have some packed boxes stacked in the basement, and one of the shelf units down there broken down. I also emptied and hosed out the garden boxes that I am not currently using so they will be ready to go. I am going to get a moving kit from Home Depot, I think, to make things at least a bit easier. It will get me a bunch of boxes in several sizes, as well as some packing materials. That should make it easier to get stuff done without having to run out for more boxes all the time. I am hoping it will also help things go smoothly and without a lot of hassle. Well, other than the general hassle that moving is!

We are shooting for the actual, final move to be in August. In the meantime, well, first we have to get the closing done, but we are trying to get that scheduled for the week after vacation. We would like to make a couple weekend trips to the new place after that, both to bring in some stuff we would rather move ourselves, and to get a general idea of where furniture and things will go when we do move. It will be easier, at least for me, to visualize without the seller’s furniture in there.

But, first things first. And the first thing is vacation! We leave on Saturday. If I get ambitious and have time, there may be posts set up for next week, but that may not happen. At any rate, I will type at you again when we get back, at the very least. Have a good week (or two) and try not to trash the place while I’m gone, okay? 🙂


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