It’s Getting Closer

We are almost out of here. Well, almost in a 2 week sort of way. We have a truck reserved for this weekend, and are hiring some professional moving muscle to load it with whatever packed boxes can fit into it. If there’s room, we will add a few more things. That will happen tomorrow. On Saturday, we will load up whatever small stuff will fit in the car and head for NY. I plan to unpack some boxes there so we can bring them back for whatever is left to be packed. There isn’t a lot, but we do need to live here until the final moving day, so there is some to be done.

As for that final day, it is planned for August 18, and I think we can do that. I’m pretty sure we will be ready. There really isn’t much to do- mostly last minute stuff. Some real junk that we need to arrange a junk hauler to come and get, some electronics to take to the recycling center, stuff like that. And the bits and bobs that still need packing. And, well, of course, the furniture!

I have to say, I am really looking forward to getting it all done and out. Yes, there will be work on the other end with all the unpacking that needs doing, but I will just be happy to get this part of the move over with.

That’s where we stand right now. Getting there, and getting it done. We will be in the new place soon!


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