Quick Update

And then it’s back to packing!

Things are getting real as far as the move goes. We are renting a truck and some load-in muscle on Friday and then heading for NY on Saturday morning. The plan is to take as many boxes (and other things if there is space) as we can. The BaldMan will drive the truck and I will drive the car, which will also be loaded up. We hope that will mean that the actual movers will be mostly taking furniture and whatever last minute boxes there are in a few weeks.

The BaldMan has a few projects to do at the house, so I will be sorting boxes for the most part. I also plan to unpack some and bring them home for re-use.

We are also taking the dog with us. It will give him a chance to see the house and yard and become a bit familiar with it. And save the boarding fees!

That’s about it for now. Mid-August is fast approaching, so I’d better get some more stuff packed!


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