Actually I guess it’s more absent with leave, because I am the one who let myself go missing from the blog. Or something like that. Anyway, yeah, I have been neglecting things here for a while, haven’t I? It’s getting dusty in here, too. *cough, cough* I have just been consumed with packing for our upcoming move, which will, we hope, be happening in the middle of August.

Packing up a whole house is a job. A big job. When we moved here, we got rid of a lot of accumulated “stuff” that was broken, had been replaced, or that we just didn’t use any more. And you know what? I keep finding more now that fits in those categories. Amazing how it just starts to grow! I am weeding through it all and if we haven’t used a thing in the six years we have been here, I figure we can probably live without it going forward. We’ve been utilizing the Freecycle network for a lot of the stuff that is still working and usable, but there is still a bunch that will simply be discarded. Of course, there are dead electronics and other things that can’t be simply tossed in the garbage that we will have to dispose of properly.

There are boxes everywhere right now. Stacked in the living room. Stacked in the basement. In the bedroom. But we are making progress and we may even be ready for the moving truck by mid-August. *knock wood*

We were at the house a week ago for the weekend. Bought a lawn mower and did the lawn. Patched some nail holes and touched up paint. The previous owners left some paint for all the rooms and, lucky for us, the touched up parts blend in perfectly. For the most part, we are fine with the colors on the walls in the rooms, so we are not going to do any big painting jobs right now. We may in time. We plan to rent a truck the first weekend in August and move as much as we can then, so that the movers will be mostly moving furniture and whatever boxes are left. There won’t be much room in the car other than the trunk since we will have three cat carriers and the dog on that final moving day.

Anyway, that’s what has been taking up pretty much all of my time and brain space lately. I have to say that I will be glad when it’s done and we are moved. Of course, then we start the fun of UNpacking all of it!

I hope your summer (or whatever your current season is) is going great, and if you are working on a big project also, good luck! We got this. Right?


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