Settling In

Things are moving along with the unpacking and getting the new house in order. I even got a start on my office last week. It will be on hold again for a bit while I work on the dining room, but there are books on shelves and I can sit at my desk. I can’t do anything because I haven’t unpacked and plugged in the computer yet, but it’s a start. Speaking of that computer, since Middle Daughter was using my office at the old place for a bedroom, that thing hasn’t been on in about two years. Can’t wait to see how many updates MS has for me when I do get to it! LOL

In other news, I got a really nice four star review for “Two’s Company” on Amazon recently. Said it was ” a good ol’ fast-moving space procedural”. Always nice when someone enjoys something you’ve written.

I also did some basic weeding and trimming outside this week. There are foundation gardens on two sides of the house, and there were a few weeds poking up through the mulch. The rose bush badly needed deadheading and some of the others were getting a bit unruly. I didn’t trim the azaleas too much, since I do want them to bloom in the spring. I will get them back into shape after that happens next year. I am not doing any major garden stuff this year. I am going to take the winter to do some research and planning, and next year, will get to work. I already know I want to plant some milkweed as I have seen multiple monarch butterflies around. I also put up a bird feeder out front. So far, no takers but it always takes a while for birds to find a new feeder. I am sure we will see them once winter sets in. By then, I hope to have a few more in place. The hydrangeas in the header picture are from the bush out front. Pretty, yes?

Speaking of birds, while I was working on the back porch this morning trying to make it look less like a war zone and more like a porch, I discovered what I think was a juvenile mourning dove that got itself trapped under the pile of empty cardboard boxes out there. Lambeau heard and smelled it this morning when we were out, but at that point, all I heard was some scratching under the boxes and I thought it might be a mouse or chipmunk. But no, it was a bird. A pretty freaked out bird. I wrapped it in a towel and set it on a tree branch outside the fence. It’s pretty much fully feathered out, so it should be okay. I suspect it was doing one of those practice flutter flights that young birds do when fledging and somehow got on the porch under the boxes and couldn’t figure out how to get out.

Football started this week. Good to have it back again. Sundays will be filled with TV from now until the Super Bowl. And I am perfectly fine with that. So, on to the game later today. A good way to finish out the weekend!


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