Up and Running

I did get around to setting up my office this past week. A lot of moving things around and there were some tight fits, but everything is here and my computer is running again. I have my two monitor set up again so I can work the way I am used to. Not that I have done any real work as yet, since we are still unpacking and getting things set up elsewhere in the house. But it feels good to be able to sit at the desk and type on a real keyboard again. (The picture above is an old one and not the new office)

We are getting a new refrigerator this week. The one in the kitchen is just too small. We can’t fit our normal amount of produce in the crisper drawers, and the deli drawer is also a bit tightly packed. Granted, there is some stuff in there that would normally be in the second fridge in the basement, but that’s where this one will go when we get the fancy new one. It’s pretty neat- makes two different sizes of ice and has a built-in pitcher that will fill automatically. The freezer section below is also a two-door thing and one side can be used as more refrigerator space, if needed. Appliances are so fancy now!

And we are waiting on the new stereo cabinet to ship. They said middle of September, but that’s rapidly becoming the end of September, and so far, no indication that it’s on the way. I have to say that is a bit disappointing. Can’t really finish the living room until we get all that straightened out. We can watch TV. That’s already mounted on the wall, and the Roku is connected so we can get our Sunday Ticket football games. I mean, one has to have priorities, right? We’ve been listening to a lot of Pandora stations right now on the Amazon Echos.

I put a bird feeder outside the front window. No birds that I have seen yet, but it always takes some time for them to find a new feeder. I suspect that once winter hits, we will see them out there.

On to a new week, with more of the same as last week, and maybe a little forward movement on the writing front! Have a good one, y’all!


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