This, That, and the Other Things

Another week is in the books. Seems like they are speeding by now that we are approaching the last months of the year. The holidays are right around the corner. Thanksgiving is next week here in the US, and that is the official start to the Christmas season, although Christmas has been evident in stores and ads for a while now. I took the Halloween stuff down, but I am not doing Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I think the poor Turkey Day gets shorted in our so very commericalized society, so I will keep my fall leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, squashes, and scarecrow around a bit longer, thank you.

We had electricians in here for two days last week. We had a new service put in because the previous owners only had a 100 amp put in a few years ago, and that wasn’t going to work for us now. Especially since the BaldMan needed two 240 volt circuits for his brewery. And they added some new outlets in a few rooms. It’s an older house and there just weren’t enough in some place. Like the BaldMan’s office room which only had one outlet. They also fixed up the power to the shed/barn and put in circuit breakers rather than the old fuse box. Plus a few other details. We should be good to go now.

Lambeau, of course, loved the fact that he had visitors for two days in a row. He wasn’t too terribly annoying. He would run to say hello every time one of the electricians came through the room, but he called off pretty well. I did have to go get him a few times, but he didn’t fight me, and came and sat with me when I asked him to. He was a pretty good dog.

Otherwise, things are pretty normal. NaNoWriMo writing is behind schedule but then, what else is new? Just like every other year, I guess. It’ll get there. It generally does.

If you are in a place that gets snow, do you have any yet? We don’t but there have been threats of at least snow showers several days here. It won’t be long, I am afraid. It’s definitely cold enough! Snow or not, cold or warm, let’s make this a good week!


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