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We can has snow! Everything is white now outside. We had what you might call “significant” snow a week or so ago, and that gave us a few inches. Since then, it’s been a bit here, a bit there. Pretty much what you get all winter here, with a big dump now and then. It has also been COLD. Temps in single digits, and the occasional dip into negative numbers overnight. The furnace has been behaving, thank the gods. It can be cranky and just not come on occasionally. So far, it’s been nice to us with the cold temps. I hope it keeps up!

There is a pellet stove in the family room, but the outside chimney pipe is non-existant, so we can’t use it. We have someone coming out to service it and see what would need to be done to get it going again. Hopefully, that does not mean replacing it, but it is older so we will see.

And holy pigskin, Batman! What a weekend of football (American style, thank you)! Makes up for the rather lackluster games last week. We are in the playoffs now (for those who don’t follow our awesome sport). Four divisional championship games played- two on Saturday, and two on Sunday. All four were nail biters. Three of the four won on last minute field goals, and the fourth last night went into overtime. Unfortunately, neither of my teams made it past these last two weekends. I don’t think I have ever yelled at the TV so much in a long time! On to the conference championship games this coming Sunday, and the Superbowl in mid-February.

On the writing front, I have most of the e-book formatting for the short short story collection done. It is titled “Crossed Wires and Other Very Short Stories.” That uses the title of one of the stories and (I hope) gives a bit of a hint on the crossed genres in the collection. There are 24 in all: twelve fantasy and twelve scifi. Cover mock up is done, and awaiting final tweaking. Pre-orders should go up by early February and I plan to drop it in mid-May. I have also put a partially written novel into an easier to read format so that I can start to look at revising that one next. So, I have enough to keep busy in the cold.

I hope your week goes well. Stay warm, if you are in a cold climate, and if not, I don’t want to know!! LOL


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