What Day Is It, Again?

Oh, yeah, Tuesday. The days are getting all mixed up again. Not like there is so very much going on, because there really isn’t. Or maybe that’s the problem- the days are running together because nothing unusual is going on. I guess I just have to keep the calendar close!

One of the plant orders I had outstanding arrived last week. It was some of the shade plants for the side of the house that the landscapers graded away from the wall and mulched. I planted them on Sunday. They are just tiny things right now, so they look pretty sparse in there. I do have more coming for the space, and once everything starts to grow out, I will see what sort of space, if any, there is left. I also dug out beds around the back porch and planted a mix of pollinator friendly seeds there. We’ll see how that goes.

Everything on the front hill that the landscapers put in is doing well. We’ve been watering regularly if there is no rain, so they can get a good start this year. There are flower buds on some of them, and the wiegela has been blooming since it was planted.

Not much else is new. I spent most of yesterday afternoon reorganizing and moving stuff around in the basement. The pantry area is better now, I think. And the storage room is a bit neater, too. Still a few more things I want to do down there, but it’s a start.

And that’s about all the excitement from here. Not all that exciting, is it? And that’s exactly how I like it. Exciting is exhausting!

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