Slowly Getting Back into Things

This little “adventure” has dragged on far longer than I either expected or wanted it to. The BaldMan has been in one hospital or another since early September, and as of today, is in rehab to gain back some strength and become ready to come home. No idea as of right now when that will be.

For most of the time he was hospitalized, he was in Brighton MA which is an hour drive from here, and necessitated my driving on congested, busy highways. Now, I do not like driving on empty, not busy highways, so that hour long drive twice a day was taxing on my mental state. But- I survived, and I managed to deal with it all pretty well. The good part of the rehab place is that it is only about 20 minutes from here, and there are no highways involved. The downside is I can only visit in person once a week. Hoping it doesn’t drag on too long and we can get back to some sort of, well, I guess “new new normal.” Or something,

Anyway, it was a hellish September in a hellish year in general. But I do believe we are over the hump, as they say, and things are looking up. I am catching up on things here, have gotten a few new things done, and there is a regularity to life again.

Fall has arrived, as well. The leaves are turning color, the days are chillier, and that lovely autumn smell is in the air. And, no, I absolutely do NOT mean pumpkin spice. I like pumpkin spice in pie, and nothing else, thank you. I took a walk with the dog today and it was a lovely, sunny day for it. I must remember to enjoy these days as I can, because Old Man Winter is just around the corner.

Okay, 2020, we are on the downslide of your reign now. You can take it easy for the next few months. You’ve done more than your share. Take a break, okay?


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