Getting Back in Sync

Things are rolling along. With a little luck, the BaldMan will be released from rehab this week. That will be very good thing. It will be a bit more than a month since he first went to the hospital.

I won’t say it will not also be weird. I mean, it’s been a month. I’ve had the house essentially to myself. Things got done when I wanted to- or didn’t, especially when I was driving to the hospital every day. I suspect the first few days will feel sort of off in a way. Still, I am really hoping this is all done with very, very soon.

To that end, this week I started going back to my normal daily schedule. Things got really messed up for a while, and then, after he was back up here locally for rehab, I let myself take some “catch up” time. Slept in a bit later than normal, didn’t push too hard on daily life, and just gave myself a chance to get some recovery time in. But if things are going to start looking more like normal life (whatever that is these days!), I need to start normalizing my routines, as well. Today was the start. Back to the usual weekly routine. And, as nice as the recovery time was, it was good to know that “today, I do this and this and this.” Routine is good, in many ways. It’s grounding, it eases some of the hand-wringing worry about when/what/if stuff gets done, and I often find it calming because I know what’s next. And it feels good to cross those items off the to-do list, doesn’t it?

And that’s where we stand as of now. Moving forward, doing well, getting things back together. And Halloween is coming! Good times!


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