Winter Is- No, Wait. It’s Here.

We got our first significant snow of the season on Saturday. It started as rain, and progressed to a heavy, wet snow that lasted most of the afternoon. We got maybe six inches or so? A lot of branches down and a few trees here. This is what it looked like off the deck:

It was messy to walk the dog in on Saturday, and then when it got cold overnight, it was slippery on Sunday morning. It was the first, but I am positive it won’t be the last!

I did decide to go out and do the grocery shopping on Friday rather than risk getting out early enough Saturday to just have to deal with rain. And I am glad I did. I would not have been happy driving and running errands in that mess. The store wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be. Not really much worse than a typical Saturday (which means it was a zoo, but that one always is!)

What did I do with my now free Saturday? Uh, well, I lazed around for the morning, had brunch, and then the BaldMan installed slide out baskets on two shelves in the bottom half of the pantry cabinet. We’ve wanted to do this for a while because the shelves are so deep, it’s hard to see what’s in the back even with the cabinet lights we put in. And you have to pull all the stuff in front out if the thing you need is in the back. We put a two tier sliding basket thing on the bottom a while ago. After he finished, I organized all the stuff I had pulled off the shelves and rearranged things so that (I hope) stuff is a bit more logical and easy to deal with. We still have the two shelves in the upper cabinet to do, but we have to figure out what to do with the spices on the turntable there first. We are thinking maybe a wall mounted spice rack. Now, I need to get some more storage cannisters to get rid of the miscellaneous bags of rice and grains.

Sunday, as always this time of year, was football day. I swear, the Raiders are trying to give me heart failure! They pulled the game out of thin air at the last minute with a Hail Mary touchdown throw. But, geez, you’d think they could do better against a team that was 0-11 going in! The Packers did well, so it was a good day. I made stuffed peppers for dinner, so that was another win.

That’s it from here. The year is almost over, and I can’t say I will be sorry to see it go. I know people say that every year, and I am usually one who figures that in the long run, the past year wasn’t more or less bad than previous ones, but holy crap! This one? Good riddance! But first- holidays. Yeah, different this year: smaller, quieter, less socializing (at least for us), but no reason not to enjoy anyway. Sometimes, it’s during the quiet times that you can really appreciate the good around you. So, take this new normal season and sit back, relax, and just appreciate. It’s good for you!


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